Sunday, 11 November 2012

An Outfit

Fashion blogging is all the rage, am I right?
So have me in some clothes:

(Jacket - Newlook, Skirt - homemade, Shoes - Clarks)

I am doing my best superhero pose here.

I'm starting off with something a bit girlier than I usually go for, but I like it. The organs t-shirt I made last year for Halloween, and I decided to wear it with the pink skirt once I'd made it (the skirt) after exams ended last school year. It's a bit chilly for it now though so I've put on a jumper and leggings since taking these photos. And you can't really tell but seeing as this like meant to be a proper fashion blog an' all I put on some gold eyeshadow. My eyes now tickle a bit.

The skirt is a circle skirt, made from two pieces of fabric (main skirt + waistband with some elastic in) and I tie-dyed it, tying from waist to hem a few times then dying it 'flamingo pink'.

When buying the dye I remember it was on the top shelf and had a slightly stressful and embarrassing five minutes trying to reach it. I resorted to using an umbrella.


(Shirt - can't remember but I sewed on all the organs, so it was just a plain ol' white T when I bought it.)

(Necklace - Marina & the Diamonds merch, Badge - Frisky and Mannish merch, Star badge - homemade)

I think if I were a proper fashion blogger I would have this photo somewhere:
 As it stands, you're stuck with this:

Bye guys!
Hopefully I'll come up with something more interesting for the next one.

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