Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Clowning Around

It's been a while! - sorry!
These photos are actually from April but oh well, there'll be a few oldish photos while I get back on track.
I've found out about a wonderful style called clownpunk and had a go with what I had myself.

Hat - M&S; Shirt - charity shop; Trousers - H&M; Shoes - Doc Martens; Belt - mum's; Badger Badge - these guys!; Collar - homemade by mum

I also had on a frog necklace, here's the best photo we got of it...

Thanks Jula, for taking the photos.

See you guys soon!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Welcome to the Space Force!

Hello! Brilliant news! I've been admitted to the Space Force! This is my official photo from them. You can even see my Space Force spaceship badge!

This is the view from the rocket ship - isn't it amazing?

close up of my badge and ring

(Dress - topshop. Skirt - River Island. Shoes - Doc Martens. Badge and Ring - etsy [if I can find the shops I'll link to them] Tights - ?)
Bye bye! And don't forget - reach for the stars.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Street Theatre

I have not, in fact, been doing any street theatre, but when I walked in wearing that jacket my dad said "You look like you're about to commit street theatre".

Which I am choosing to take as a compliment.

I am also apologising for my poor shoe/sock choice.

(Jacket - New Look (bought in age UK charity shop). Shirt - Peacocks (dyed yellow, replaced buttons), Brooches - AIMEE :L)

The lovely flower brooches were a birthday from my friend Aimee. I've been putting them on anything with a collar or lapel, they're so great!

(Jeans - New Look)
I feel a bit like a slightly sleazy villain from a thriller in this jacket. - Not the main villain but one who is in charge of a group of other villains the main villain has got in to do some dirty work. Or maybe a bit like Irwin Sparkes (I don't know why :L).

:L I cannot get my colour balance consistant between photos. SORRY DUDES.

I also cannot sort of my hair.

Until next time, 

Friday, 28 December 2012

Red Roses

Hello! I'm getting off to a slow start here but oh well.
(Jacket -  Monsoon, bought from Emmaus (chairty shop).
Trousers - New Look. Shirt - Primark)

Lots of reds in this outfit! I've always thought it's kind of weird how outfits in all one colour (unless it's a dress) are generally always blue or black, and not other colours.
The jacket I've had for ages but it had HUGE shoulder pads in. I took them out but needed a hand making the shoulders fit me - but finally it's happened!
(Dad thinks all fashion shoots need a leapy in the air shot. Here you go.)
(Jacket - River Island. Shoes - Creepers... I don't know)

Here's another flowery jacket I now have! Thankyou Grandad for it!
It's a size 12 but i don't think it look overly big on me. It's almost the opposite pattern of the above jacket - cold colours for the background, with some warm flowers.
(both earcuff and ring - River Island)
I have also joined the earcuff brigade. What with no piercings this is a good thing! Also a little cat ring! I wasn't really into jewelry till recently, but now I do quite like it.

Anyway - not much else to update I suppose - this blog isn't very personal so yeah (:

                  Eve x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

An Outfit

Fashion blogging is all the rage, am I right?
So have me in some clothes:

(Jacket - Newlook, Skirt - homemade, Shoes - Clarks)

I am doing my best superhero pose here.

I'm starting off with something a bit girlier than I usually go for, but I like it. The organs t-shirt I made last year for Halloween, and I decided to wear it with the pink skirt once I'd made it (the skirt) after exams ended last school year. It's a bit chilly for it now though so I've put on a jumper and leggings since taking these photos. And you can't really tell but seeing as this like meant to be a proper fashion blog an' all I put on some gold eyeshadow. My eyes now tickle a bit.

The skirt is a circle skirt, made from two pieces of fabric (main skirt + waistband with some elastic in) and I tie-dyed it, tying from waist to hem a few times then dying it 'flamingo pink'.

When buying the dye I remember it was on the top shelf and had a slightly stressful and embarrassing five minutes trying to reach it. I resorted to using an umbrella.


(Shirt - can't remember but I sewed on all the organs, so it was just a plain ol' white T when I bought it.)

(Necklace - Marina & the Diamonds merch, Badge - Frisky and Mannish merch, Star badge - homemade)

I think if I were a proper fashion blogger I would have this photo somewhere:
 As it stands, you're stuck with this:

Bye guys!
Hopefully I'll come up with something more interesting for the next one.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

First Ever Post!

This probably ought to be profound.

Instead here's a list of things I hope to put on here:

  • My photos
    • Ones I've tried to take like well professional
    • Of my clothes... (:
    • of my 'adventures'
  • Diary entries
    • Sort of. Less personal though :L
  • Text
    • Bit vague, but ideas I want to get down
    • Reviewy type things.
  • And anything else that occurs.